The Pink House



Anchor at Jack's Bay




Jack’s Bay offers the unique opportunity to live and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of a private resort community on some of the most pristine beach front property in The Bahamas. The initial phase of the development includes the following:


• Beach Club with resort swimming pool, restaurant and bar

• 10-Hole Par 3 Golf Playgrounds designed by Tiger Woods

• Pink House Beach Club and Adventure Pursuits area



Jack’s Bay is bringing friends and families together at our luxurious paradise island club and private resort community.  Nestled just south of Rock Sound on the Island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas, Jack’s Bay provides untethered freedom for members, guests, and residents.    

The Island of Eleluthera, which means freedom in Greek, is just 279 miles SE of the US' eastern seaboard in South Florida.  Rock Sound International Airport is only 10 minutes north of Jack’s Bay and offers a 7,200 linear ft runway and serves as a point of entry with customs and immigration into the Bahamas as well as daily commercial service. 

We're very excited to energize the luxurious legacy of South Eleuthera and rejuvenate the Bahamian lifestyle and spirit of freedom at Jack’s Bay.  

To be among the first to experience a prelude of this evolving paradise club and community, please make an appointment by calling 866-323-2544.


D.C.'s Fishing Lodge at Jack's Bay


The D.C. Lodge at Jack’s Bay is located on the Southwest side of the settlement of Deep Creek in Eleuthera. 

Awaiting guests at the D.C. Lodge, four studio rooms, a second floor “Captain Quarters” with an extended balcony deck to enjoy a drink and the divine Bahamian sunsets.  Each room offers cable, a refrigerator, remote A/C, and a queen size bed.  The lodge provides a lounge area to reconnect with fiber optic WiFi, a large flat screen TV, plus a full kitchen and bar for entertainment.

Deep Creek is home to the best quality drinking water and produce on the Island. It is home to the finest five-star gym on the island. To nourish, replenish and relax, a private chef is at the ready to prepare the culinary delights using local fresh fare.  Other dining options include Sharel’s Restaurant, which is usually open in the evenings and features the best local cuisine while dining in or catered to the lodge.

The Deep Creek lodge has exclusive access to Plum Creek Road, the most remote bone fishing creeks and beach on the South end of the island.  Plum Creek Road can only be voyaged by foot, off road golf cart, or a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Upon reaching the mouth of the creek that leads to a perfect and pristine beach, time will pause in this paradise setting.

Fish On!


Little Missy Charters at Jack's Bay

For all your daily boat excursions and adventures, Little Missy Charters is the preferred charter partner at Jack’s Bay. With Captain Kenneth Deveaux (“Capt. Ken”) at the helm, your Bahamian boat dreams will become a reality.  From deep sea fishing to snorkeling in the sea to a relaxing boat excursion to our beautiful private Schooner Islands for a full day of fun in the sun, it’s part of the Jack’s Bay experience.

Little Missy and Capt. Ken will treat guests to all local known “sweet spots” by drifting in shallow waters and pink sand beaches surrounding the remote islands.   As a seasoned fisherman and free diver, Capt. Ken’s skills are beyond the boat. He’s steeped in all the local knowledge of fishing season and the prime spots to ensure that our guest experience is as remarkable as the pristine Eleutheran setting.  

Little Missy is a 35’ Sea Skiff with a panga style hull plus an 8’ V bow for a graceful glide through any water conditions.  Esra is a 17’ skiff BTX made for bonefishing.   For more Little Missy Charter information, please click HERE.