Tiger Woods Previews Jack's Bay

“The Playgrounds”  --  a 10-hole short course tracing the stunning shoreline -- will provide a playing experience that perfectly complements the natural beauty of Jack’s Bay.

The short course design features a flexible layout, with holes that range from 70 to 165 yards. Consistent with the values of TGR Design, The Playgrounds will offer a variety of shots and playing scenarios, challenging seasoned players while also being fun and welcoming for new golfers. Pure enjoyment and playability are at the forefront of the design, in order to promote relaxed, multigenerational experiences for families and friends to come together and enjoy world-class golf in a breathtaking Bahamian setting.  




The Playgrounds at Jack’s Bay

#1 – Lacy’s Kick
#2 – Wonder
#3 – Turtle
#4 – Ruins
#5 – “Cheer-E-O”
#6 – $0.50
#7 – Get Wet
#8 – Cranberry
#9 – “Sands Up”
#10 – Bluff

Jack's Bay Playgrounds Golf Scorecard