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About Beau Welling Design

Beau Welling Design is a uniquely experienced, multidisciplinary firm of planners and designers headquartered in Greenville, SC. Having been involved in notable community planning, recreational design, and urban redevelopment projects, the BWD team is known for delivering smart and impactful design solutions to complex multi-stakeholder projects.

The origins of the firm are in golf course design, as its principals have assisted in the creation and development of over 90 award winning golf courses around the world. But BWD was founded to be much more, a new type of firm which truly employs a holistic approach emphasizing the creative process of designing memorable spaces which help make or enhance communities. The firm continues to operate in the golf industry, but is also currently working on the two most significant urban design projects in the state of South Carolina.

BWD aims to add value to every project by adhering to a design process that addresses artistic, creative, financial, sustainable, and functional elements simultaneously. With an extreme focus on its clients’ goals and objectives, BWD delivers intellectually conceived and meaningful results.

When working with existing communities, BWD looks for solutions which carefully integrate ecological, social, cultural, economic, and historic influences. A special emphasis is placed upon asset analysis and land stewardship to identify and integrate site features into plans for smart development, while preserving open space. By doing so, BWD believes a comprehensive vision of future land development relationships can be established to inspire success and increased land value.

Overall, our BWD approach has been developed to assist our clients from initial strategy through implementation and branding, relying upon our global experience, expert knowledge, as well as proven methodologies and insights to lead to successful, innovative, and memorable projects. 


Notable Works

Recent projects include: 

  • Bullstreet, Columbia, SC (Current). Land planning, site design, and landscape design for the largest urban infill site in the United States. 
  • Camperdown, Greenville, SC (Current). Land planning, site design, and landscape design for the mixed-used urban infill development located in the heart of downtown Greenville. 
  • Bluejack National, Montgomery, TX (Current). Community planning for the world-class private club and community outside Houston that is anchored by a Tiger Woods-designed golf course, which is the most anticipated new golf course in the U.S. 
  • Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC (Current). Historic preservation, land stewardship, and planning for the 8,000 acre historic estate surrounding America’s largest home. 
  • Upward Sports, Spartanburg, SC (Current). Vision planning and comprehensive design for the headquarters site and sports facilities of the world’s largest Christian youth sports provider. 
  • ReGenesis Project, Spartanburg, SC (Current). Vision planning, comprehensive design, and advisory services for an urban park golf facility to serve the continued redevelopment of Spartanburg’s Arkwright and Forest Park neighborhoods.