About Jack's Bay

Footsteps in the sand near Jack's Bay Club

Footsteps in the sand near Jack's Bay Club



This is Freedom

What does freedom mean to you? At Jack’s Bay, it means embarking on new adventures, chasing old dreams, exploring new passions and remembering old loves. It means disconnecting from a busy world and reconnecting with family and friends. Freedom means your time is truly yours to spend as you choose.

Tiger Woods Golf

One of the greatest professional golfers of all time, Tiger Woods put his stamp on the golf experience at Jack’s Bay. First up: The Playgrounds 10-hole short course, with a full 18-hole course on the way in the years to come.

“Jack’s Bay is absolutely incredible,” said Woods. “We have the opportunity to design the short course on arguably one of the best pieces of property there is in the area and maybe even anywhere around the world.”

Real Estate

Much more than a place to hang your hat, real estate options at Jack’s Bay run the gamut from spacious estate lots to dream homesites along the pristine pink sand beaches. An assortment of condos and club suites also are available along with luxurious bungalows and villas.  

Oceanside Lifestyle

The clear-blue waters of the Caribbean lie at the heart of Jack’s Bay’s appealing lifestyle with the Beach Club and Blue Lagoon serving as the muster. Powdery pink sand gives way to crystalline waters where members and guests enjoy sailing, fishing, SCUBA diving, kayaking, paddle boarding and much more.

Creating the Vision

Jack’s Bay Developers Limited, chaired by Sir Franklyn Wilson, is made up of an accomplished team of professionals including Beau Welling Design and TGR Design – each well-versed in the methods of realizing the unique vision of Jack’s Bay as well as the passion to make it something truly special.